How I Left My Cat

Nes Laidler
6 min readOct 25, 2020

Every pet has a story

Photo by me: Nes Laider

While I was livening alone, there was a miracle that happened in my life. My first cat got into my life by chance.

I saw an advert on the internet; they were looking for someone who could adopt a cat. They found her on the street on a snowy day. She was too tiny, hungry, and shaking.

In Turkey, we have street cats and dogs on the streets. They are braver than humans; they need to save their lives against all the difficulties. They are the real fighters; manage to find food, look after themselves, and save their lives.

The lady posted the advert by saying that she already had another cat at home and cannot adopt another one as the two cats couldn’t get on very well.

Photos by me: Nes Laidler

When I saw the picture, it has melted my heart. I send a quick message and agreed to meet and pick her up. It was hours away from my house and my boyfriend (who is my husband now) was not feeling well due to the cold.

I told him to stay in the car. I was going to drive and pick her up. It was a long journey however we have managed to bring her to her new home.

I think I made the best decision in my life ever. She brought happiness to my life! She became my best friend, best body, best baby, best best best ever. I felt like I found my other part.

She was unique as everybody’s pet. She was my baby as everybody’s pet. She was my baby.

I come to a milestone to make a decision to move to the UK.

I got married and prepared all the papers to move out. She was going to come with us as we were a family – 3 of us. She was our baby.

After I completed my papers. I got her chipped; I got her EU passport (those days I didn’t even have one)

I have finalized the process. Everything was ready.

I was going to move from Istanbul to London. Leaving all my life behind. My professional life, my friends, my family, and many many other things. I would not leave my cat behind. She was my baby.

Nes Laidler

Human Behavior Scientist, Marketing Specialist, Beginner Photographer, Art Lover, Mother of two cats.